Wednesday, August 21, 2013

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[Looks like fall, feels like summer]

City temporarily removes Jim Power's 9/11 mosaic on Astor Place (DNAinfo)

Penny Arcade on the vanishing downtown scene (The Observer)

Video! "Where You Been So Long" by Eden and John's East River String Band with Robert Crumb (YouTube)

New York is the most rude and arrogant state! (New York)

Remember Loew's Avenue B (Off the Grid)

A new anonymous Twitter account arrived today...

New Bowery shanty (BoweryBoogie)

Controversial LES property owner buys more LES property (The Lo-Down)

A few more lost record stores (Flaming Pablum)

Thompson Street laundromat disappears (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

At the annual Johnny Ramone tribute (Rolling Stone)

From a reader:

"My partner and I found an obviously abandoned or lost housecat (had a collar on, box trained) at a construction site next to Bar 169 on East Broadway yesterday. We took her home as she was emaciated and needed some TLC."


Makeout said...

"I feel empty inside" Hahahaha!

12:17 pm said...

EV Grievers, before your gentrification, I'd like you to join me for a ceremony that will make this battle station fully operational. No star system will dare oppose the Emperor Bloomberg now.

Anonymous said...

I hope the people who rescued the kitty can somehow keep it if the owners aren't found. The cat looks absolutely content and safe!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for taking in that lovely kitty! Have you been able to see if there's a microchip?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:25, what are you saying, that it's an alien cat? Or that someone is controlling its thoughts?

It's Like A Chocolate Chip Only Crunchier And Not So Tasty said...

@Anonymous 8:46 PM: microchips are tiny (like a grain of rice) ID devices that are sometimes implanted into a cat or dog so the owner can be located in case the pet gets lost. Most veterinarians have a scanner these days to check in case the animal is chipped.

Jeremiah said...

Hi, I'm the cat's foster parent. The cat has not been chipped, we took her to the vet and she's very healthy...and pregnant. Yeesh. Thank you all for your kind words of support. We love her (and have named her "Sylvia", after Sylvia Rivera), and so far it's looking like we're going to keep owners have come out of the woodwork yet. This poor little girl looks like she might have been abused...either way, she was almost dead when we found her and we're so happy to have been there when she needed us. She's a beautiful lil' soul and a true EV survivor!!!