Monday, August 26, 2013

Here is Han Dynasty

The plywood is down at Han Dynasty, the first New York outpost from Han Chiang, the Sichuan master with six restaurants in Philadelphia. (And will Han remove the flag from the previous tenant, Montein Thai?)

No word on an opening date here on Third Avenue at East 12th Street, but it looks pretty far along, as this blurry photo of the interior shows...

And there are "coming soon" signs up on the door.



Anonymous said...

C'mon kids, let's start a pool about what comes next for the former Amici Pizza (next door to Han Dynasty).

Fro yo? Bubble tea? Waxing?
Frozen waxed yogurt?

Want to bet on the date when their corner Chico mural vanishes?

The Philosophical Zombie said...

Is that graphic meant to be a nod to Charles Burns?

nygrump said...

They just converted the noodle place at 324 E 6th that had been open about a month into a Sichuan place - I'm sure it will be just as noisy as the noodle place.