Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Rite Aid replaces photo department with beer, toilet paper displays

Yes, we heard you LOUD and CLEAR. More Rite Aid coverage!

This development, at the new-look Rite Aid, is courtesy, as always, of EVG Senior First Avenue Rite Aid Correspondent Goggla.

Tomorrow, sampling the Lime-a-ritas on sale.

We take this seriously.

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Woo Generation said...

Bud Light sucks, bro. Cottonelle rocks!

nygrump said...

While air conditioning is often cited as a technology that has madeg it possible for modern cities to have grown so much, I believe toilet paper is just as important. Do you really think someone like Ray Kelly is going to wipe his ass with a corn husk?

11:05 am said...

You know why there are a proliferation of chain pharmacies in the EV/NYC? It's not because of those cosmetics, prepackaged food, etc. It's the easy access to booze as shown, which leads to ______, which leads to in need of Plan B, which those pharmacies easily provide (Bodegas ain't got no Plan Bs).

As it's newly niceness -- it's Wisco nice: "this niceness "doesn't have all that much to do with being nice. It's more about keeping up appearances, about keeping the social order, about keeping people in their place."


Anonymous said...

Rite Aid always has 12 packs of Rolling Rock on sale for $7.49. In my estimation, this is a good thing.

Please proceed.

Anonymous said...

Nothing says East Village like beer and toilet paper!

Uncle Waltie said...

There are no more photo departments with the advent of digital cameras. Maybe one or two for professionals, but nowadays everyone else uses either their cell-phone or a digital camera to take pictures. Ergo: No developing, printing etc.