Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The only post today about Citi Bikes, most likely

Only because this has been a recurring theme in the comments here in various posts about Citi Bikes (namely branding and what Citi is getting out of this) ... a reader shared this link to a Digiday article titled Citi Gets Serious Brand Mileage From Citi Bike.


Just over two months into the Citi Bike program, it seems like the $41 million dollar six-year sponsorship is on its way to paying off. Citi Bike is, in many ways, the definition of branded utility.

“So far, everything is pointing in an extremely positive direction, more than I would have expected,” said Elyssa Gray, head of creative for North America marketing at Citi. “The way that the city has embraced the program is truly remarkable.”

According to Gray, Citi got involved with the bike-share program because the bank felt that the program was consistent with what the Citi brand stands for: progress and helping people achieve goals.

“Citi’s home base is here in New York, and we want to make sure that people who live in New York City feel the value that Citi is bringing to this community of ours through this green initiative,” she said.

Read the whole article here.


Anonymous said...

Good lord the propaganda machine at headquarters sure is fine-tuned! What a load of garbage!

Brian Van said...

One could get really worked up about Citi being the flagship sponsor of the bikeshare program, but landlords seem to have no shame in forking over their prime properties for market-setting rents to host Citi branches, so it's not like the bikes are advertising something (evil) we weren't aware of already.

I'm also particularly glad the sponsor wasn't Bank Of America, because they're the worst.

Anonymous said...

Citi Bike is a success to...Citi Corp. Much like, Sallie Mae is a success to...Sallie Mae Corp. Not to to the "community".

You guys love riding those Citi Bikes because of that feel of the bike seats in your arses. Citi is almost screwing you literally.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to here what corporate head quarters tell's us when they end the bike deal a few years short of their original plans. "Citi Bank has decided that Citi Bikes where such a huge success that we no longer need to finish our 6 year plan. To take its place we are installing moving sidewalks which begin and end at a neighborhood Citi Bank branch which now number in the 10's of thousands."

Anonymous said...

"If you live in New York City, then you’ve probably already gotten used to seeing all of those blue Citi-branded bikes whizzing by..."

No, more like "wobbling by."