Friday, August 23, 2013

Clearing the way for Brick Lane Curry on Second Avenue

Two-plus years ago Brick Lane Curry announced that they'd open a location at 99 Second Ave. near East Sixth St. ... the site of a long-dormant restaurant space (Remember Sea Salt?) ... EVG reader Ted E. notes that there's trash-removal activity there today... CB3 OK'd a full liquor license for Brick Lane last month.

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At Sea Salt, the lights are still on, but no one is dining


Legitimate Golf said...

That "Sea Salt" place seemed to be open for--maybe--two months and then hastily abandoned. I wanna say that was like 2009 or even earlier. I used to do my laundry next door and passing by that empty deserted restaurant would give me the WTFs every time.

Anonymous said...

Is Brick Lane even any good? It seems more expensive than all the others... I am curious, and wanting to try it, I have read it is the best one in the 'hood... But has anyone actually tried it? Is it better than Haveli?

Uncle Waltie said...

Brick Lane was good for a little while years ago. Like most of the other places, they started off by making a good impression, then rapidly slid downhill. As always, YMMV.

Anonymous said...

2 brick lane curry houses within blocks of each other? One of them will have to close down, probably the smaller one.

Anonymous said...

The Brick Lane lunch buffet is a good is quite good, and you can choose what you want (and eat all you want)...Relatively pleasant atmosphere inside compared to the typical "Christmas lights" look of the Indian row joints.

- East Villager