Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tea Drunk coming soon to East Seventh Street

Red, the boutique featuring jewelry and apparel from owner Donatella Quintavalle, closed back in March on East Seventh Street next to Butter Lane ... a tipster notes the arrival of a sign announcing a new tenant — Tea Drunk.

Don't be alarmed by the name!

Here's a description of the shop via Facebook:

Our mission is simple: to open access in the west to the finest Chinese teas in the world, and to provide an authentic tea experience that embraces traditional methods of production and consumption. No imitations, no impersonations. Just full-bodied, first-class, traditionally harvested tea.

Even within China, where the demand for fine tea is huge and counterfeits abound, it’s hard to find authentic tea like ours. And that’s just in the local markets! Imagine how much harder it gets to find farm-sourced teas all the way across the pond in the States. So if you’re sick of the knock-off brands and you want the real deal, come to us. We’re confident that our tea is THE best available Stateside. But don’t take our word for it — try some for yourself!

Here's the store's website with more info. Meanwhile, the space to the east of Butter Lane remains on the market.


Uncle Waltie said...

OK. Good luck selling tea in a whiskey neighborhood.

shmnyc said...

I wonder what "traditional methods of production and consumption" means? Feudal?

Anonymous said...

What a weird name! Zero people, upon seeing it, will think the place must be where tea is brewed in a traditional manner.

Anonymous said...

Tea Drunk! I think they get the hood.

Anonymous said...

Y'know what - I'll just stick with my Celestial Seasonings... "How gauche" I know...

9:32 am said...

Celestial Seasonings? I'll stick with Lipton!

Soon, they'll be applying for beer and wine liquor license just to not be accused of false advertising.

Gojira said...

Will they serve it in a hoof?

Anonymous said...

You know, before I actually visited China, I'd be making snarky comments like the ones above.

but after I actually drank Yunnan Pu'er tea in Xi'an, I bought as much of it as I thought I could manage to get home.

If they're selling the real deal, they have a market.

I will definitely be checking this place out.