Saturday, August 17, 2013

Report: City taking different approach to leasing space on public housing property

City officials have apparently rethought plans to lease space on public housing property for luxury development, the Times reports today.

In February, New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) revealed plans to lease playground and community center space for luxury high-rises ... an announcement that brought about immediate criticism from residents and politicos alike.

Yesterday, NYCHA officials announced that "instead of requesting formal proposals to build on the grounds of eight housing projects in Manhattan, as previously envisioned, they would first solicit ideas from private developers — so-called expressions of interest — before choosing any construction projects."


"Officials are now encouraging proposals that would incorporate retail stores, community facilities and other uses on the ground floors, which many public housing residents favor."

The NYCHA originally said that the new development would generate $31 million to $46 million in annual lease payments, "all of which will go toward fixing up deteriorating buildings. The agency currently has a backlog of 420,000 repair orders and faces a $60 million budget gap annually," the Daily News reported in February.

Perhaps those trees adjacent to the Max Meltzer Tower will be safe after all.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like city is pulling a land grab ala Israel.

Gary Rosenowitz

blue glass said...

so-called expressions of interest — before choosing any construction projects."
sure let's throw it out there and see what crap comes back - and do it in secret - then prepare the ammunition for the presentation based on the new american model - profit.
where is rosie in all of this?
and the prospective mayors?
seems like a done deal to me.

urbanshocker said...


Gojira said...

So I'll be able to go down to Avenue D and into the projects to buy my Michael Kors handbags and Azzedine Alaia dresses instead of having to leave the neighborhood to do it? Sweet!

urbanshocker said...

My son learned how to play baseball in the Baruch housing projects.

Sinestra said...

I doubt they'll be getting 45 million in lease payments per year (or that those monies would go into NYCHA) since they love to give these creeps tax breaks and other incentives, often for decades. This land is very valuable and should not be developed without careful deliberation and review and first and foremost should benefit the NYCHA community. There should be affordable housing and small business encouragement if they do go through with this. Anything else is pure greed and a giveaway to hizzoner's developer buddies.

Anonymous said...

The plan was innovative and creative but deeply flawed offering lemonade stand revenue stream to situation requiring billions. The residents absolute failure to participate in a solution that is realistic and substainable for low income public housing has me shaking my head "fix all these things and I give nothing just continue to take" the mantra..They're rent is capped at 30 per cent of income how many New York middle class are paying fifty per cent and taxes as well for a roof over thier heads..Let the projects go the way of Pruitt Igoe the age of a free lunch is gone the mooch is over long live the mooch..

Anonymous said...

In other words, not enough developers were interested enough to submit formal proposals. I guess rich people still have a few standards left about where they'll colonize...

sinestra said...

So if you aren't rich, you're a moocher? Too bad the wealthy get about the same amount of handouts from the Gov't so I guess they are the real moochers but no one cries about rich people getting handouts they don't need, let's hate on the poors- easy target.
Public housing is here to keep communities diverse, and to help working people stay in a vibrant city. But I guess they're all just moochers to you, huh Bloomie?

Anonymous said...

anon and 9:11 you are like so many posters whose comments reveal that you know nothing about NYCHA or the people that live in NYCHA your praise for this plan is based only on your contempt for people based on your flawed perceptions. You are a good sheep willing to bah when told to.

Anonymous said...

Wow, caucasian invasion for real. Things are.gonna get worse for the poor in NYCHA not better, after this affront to American ideals goed through in some back room kickback deal.