Thursday, August 29, 2013

Another mysterious bike rack removal at Astor Place

EVG reader 8E points out the arrival of "no bike parking" tags this week near the Alamo on Astor Place... the signs note that the city has scheduled to remove the bike racks tomorrow...

Similar signs also appeared in July 2012... and that turned out to just be a temporary removal ahead of a Summer Streets activity here. Nothing else so sinister. (Of course, some people find Summer Streets sinister.)

So. What now? Is the city finally ready to break ground on the new pedestrian space here?


Anonymous said...

The cars parked on the west side of Cooper Square (only legal with press passes) all got notices on their windshields on Tuesday saying those parking spots were becoming unavailable due to upcoming major streetscape construction. So yes - it looks like the pedestrian improvements may be on the way.

Anonymous said...

Dumping thousands of citi bikes on the street with the hopes it reduces congestion but then plugging up streets with pedestrian plazas? Do we really need to dedicate this much room to sitting? Seriously? Amanda Burden is the new Amanda Bynes! She'll be out there soon in a wig setting the road on fire. Just wait!