Sunday, August 18, 2013

Week in Grieview

[First the lights, then the sheets]

Stealing a bike on East 13th Street (Tuesday)

Watch the Birdman of the East Village (Monday)

Long-stalled lot on East 8th Street will yield 9-story residential building (Thursday)

Out and About with Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba (Wednesday)

Update on injured East Village Farm and Grocery florist (Friday)

Opening of Pride and Joy BBQ in doubt (Monday)

Dolly Parton drag queens and bathtub moonshine? (Tuesday)

RIP Tim Hortons (Friday)

Lyric Diner replacement closes (Thursday)

RIP Nestor? (Wednesday)

The going rate for St. Mark's and Second Avenue (Tuesday)

Archie and Sons has opened (Monday)

Cronut™ delivery service (Monday)

What's rising at 227 E. 7th St. (Wednesday)

It didn't rain on the movie Thursday night (Thursday)

Docking station blues (Friday, 41 comments)

What's in store for 212 E. 14th St. (Tuesday)

Closure on the East 2nd Street laundromat saga (Monday)


Anonymous said...

What's happening to the St Mark's Hotel in the photo? Renovation? Change of name? Closure? Return to its glory days as a by-the-hour "hotel"?

East Villager

Anonymous said...

Oh and not the bums are back in front of East Village Farm. The loud obnoxious ones who take a dump in front of our children while they're walking by and leave a lovely mess in the morning.

Uncle Waltie said...

Went to the Indian bodega on 4th and 2nd, looking for some beer. Was gonna buy some stuff priced at $ 2.19 a bottle, when one of the staff told me to try an Abita IPA for $ 3.99 a SIXPACK. Long story tastes great and I saved about 9 bucks. That's why that place is my favorite grocery store.