Wednesday, August 14, 2013

First sign of 6-floor building above the plywood at 227 E. Seventh St.

[September 2012]

A spot check over at 227 E. Seventh St. ... where a 6-floor building is rising from the plywood near Avenue C (behind Zum Schneider's, basically) ... As we previously reported, DOB permits show that each floor will contain one residential unit.

Here's a look at the rendering via BuzzBuzzHome...

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Asbestos abatement on East Seventh Street, then a new 6-story building


Anonymous said...

I feel bad for all of those tenants about to lose their sun and sky views. Never mind the construction noise hell. I'm going through it myself with a hotel going up in front of my building.

Gojira said...

Oh my, THAT'S attractive.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Took my breath away. Need to call 911.

Anonymous said...

It looks EXACTLY like the one on 4th btwn ave A and B, and EXACTLY like the one on 5th btwn A and B.

WTH? Do they use the same architect for every development? Or are they just unimaginative and unoriginal that they feel they have to share that with the world?

At least we can easily tell where all the people who think EV is 'chic' will be living.

Sinestra said...

I don't get this obsession with glass buildings- they are not efficient and thus not good for the environment. They are cold in the winter, usually have drafts and leaks for air and rain to get in and are blazing hot greenhouses in the summer, requiring more A/C than a regular structure. Moreover, many of them don't have windows that actually open more than a small slit (if at all).
Not good for the future. Better to make buildings that have large windows that actually open fully, with skylights and materials that insulate against the weather.