Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's star in a movie!

You may have seen some sort of film shoot going on today on East Seventh Street between Avenue A and First Avenue... we walked back and forth dozens of times thinking it was connected to "The Smurfs," which filmed right here back in the heady days of April 2010.

Oh! Oops!

Anyway, we have no idea what this was all about. Maybe you do?

[Next stop — Cooper Union!]

Photos by Bobby Williams


blue glass said...

so, by walking down a street, perhaps the street you live on, you are giving permission for folks to film you and to use the picture(s) in any way and anywhere they want to use it?
does that apply to any street and anyone with a camera?
is that legal?

Shawn said...

Hello, Dolly!

Anonymous said...

wooo! my block!

Jill W. said...

blue glass, if you are in a public place, you can be filmed. If something is insinuated about you (say the narration is talking about domestic abusers, and cuts to a shot of you walking down street) then you can sue for libel or something like that, through implication. If you don't want to be filmed, you have the right to cover your face, cross the street, shoot a bird at the camera, etc. Hidden cameras and audio recordings are different, and vary, I believe, from state to state.

Anonymous said...

an officious PA made it clear I shouldn't be walking down the street as they are filming...and "would I mind" turning around lol. i kind of did mind as i was in a rush to work and had to go around the fucking block to get my morning coffee at the deli on the corner.

guess i don't fit their profile. oh well. anyone know what they were shooting?

Yessir, I'll Leave The City Until You Are Finished Filming Your {Commercial, Movie, TV Show, Home Video}. Yessir, Right Away! said...

I'm pretty sure that it is illegal to record voice on a public street.

And I think that their prohibition of anybody else using photographic or sound recording equipment on that same public street is absolutely hilarious.

But some people will kowtow to anyone who acts authoritative.

My favorite is when one of the workers tells me to walk on the other side of the street because they are filming. I suggest instead that they film on the other side of the street :-)

Anonymous said...

It is obnoxious to be told to move during filming but they did get permits to use that block so... they have permission to be obnoxious.

I had the same happen to me about a week and a half ago on Rivington between Allen and Eldridge. Annoying as hell since I was wheeling a heavy cart and had to walk to Delancey. It made the trip very, very annoying.

RockChick said...

No, they do NOT have permission to be obnoxious simply because the city grants them license to film. I practically straightarmed the little piece of vermin who tried to block my way yesterday. And they weren't even shooting! Just setting up, and I had to go only four or five doors down. Pissant PAs! Probably a piece of crap movie, too, as the crafts services table looked pretty second-rate.