Thursday, August 29, 2013

Breaking (yes): Glass truck accident on 10th and B

Oh. @RTSNYC passes along these photos from East 10th Street and Avenue B just now... some sort of collision that wiped out the cargo on half of this glass truck... no word on any injuries at the moment.

Watch those bike tires later.

Updated 12:58

More from @RTSNYC:

"I think the glass shifted and shattered when the truck made the turn. No injuries that I could see. Woman in that SUV looked pissed."


Anonymous said...

I'm all broken up!

2:49 pm said...

Shattering! Just a fragment of a day in a life in the EV. Gosh, I mean, Gash!

Anonymous said...

Man, if that happened while I was crossing the street I woulda shard my pants!

abrod said...

Every time - every single time - I see those trucks I wonder whether they've ever shattered the glass

Marty Wombacher said...

Somewhere Nick Lowe is smiling:

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Yeah, she's pissed. Imagine so many of those shards getting into the vents and blowing into her face when she turns on the air. Not fun.