Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Report: JoeDoe to reopen as Joe & MissesDoe

Over on East First Street, JoeDoe has closed... and will return as a new restaurant called Joe & MissesDoe.

Time Out has more details:

Owner Joe Dobias and his wife, Jill Schulster, will transform the old JoeDoe space—which will relocate in the spring—into a nostalgic blue-plate-special spot, offering comfort-food gone quirky: French-dip dumplings with roast beef and mozzarella, tacos with duck confit and radish, and chili topped with Fritos and jalapeños.

H/T Eater

[Image via the JoeDoe website]


Anonymous said...

Silly name. "Misses Doe" makes it sound like Joe misses his wife.

If it were "Missus Doe" it'd make sense (missus being the informal term for wife/other half).

Anonymous said...

That's a shame. They had pretty good sandwiches. Maybe if they didn't blast their music so loud that it was unpleasant to be in the shop, they would have done better.

Uncle Waltie said...

Had to google "blue plate special". Learned something new once again reading your blog, EVG. Good luck to the entrepreneurs. If they make some pot roast every now and then (when it gets colder), I certainly would pay a visit. Apparently, pot roast has gone out of style, (like myself), 'cause it's harder and harder to find that in the EV. 103 2nd Avenue used to make it for me when the chef was in a good mood.

Anonymous said...

Please, oh lord, preserve us from the lame "hip" food and drink salespeople, who pass off cheap-ingredients, slapped together meals as quality: i.e. "comfort-food gone quirky"