Friday, August 30, 2013


And an incident to report over in Stuy Town... via the Town & Village Blog's Police Watch:

A resident of 310 First Avenue reported that her apartment was broken into last Friday at 4:09 p.m. She told police that when she entered the apartment, she saw a man inside her bedroom without permission to be there. He was also naked in her bedroom and when she went in the room, she saw him putting on her skirt. She said that she was unsure if she had locked the door and there was no forced entry. No arrests have been made.

There was not a description of the man provided in the report.

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Anonymous said...

On the bright side, at least this time is wasn't one of Stuy Towns non union painters or the intercom repairmen who recently helped themselves to an upward of 50k worth residents jewelry and valuables.

Andrew MacArthur and CWCapital are 1,000 times worse than Tishman Speyer.

Anonymous said...

CRIME ALERT: Burglaries Plus Unauthorized Apartment Entry in Stuyvesant Town

UPDATE: 5/14/2013 A fourth report has been confirmed by the 13th precinct. We are trying to get more details.

UPDATE: 5/8/2013: A third report has just been confirmed in a third building, 620 E 20th St, again intercom related work, no forced entry, value of loss near $40,000 (forty-thousand dollars). A police report has been filed and public safety notified.

The Tenants Association has received two separate reports of burglaries, one at 610 E 20th, the other at 319 Ave C. According to the residents and investigating detectives, there was no sign of forced entry in either instance. Intercom repair work was underway in both buildings. Reports of two more burglaries are being verified at the time of this writing.

In the recent burglaries in two Stuy Town apartments, one resident lost $5,000 in jewelry, the other, $10,000 in jewelry. Both burglary cases—third degree grand larceny, a very serious Class D felony—are under investigation by the NYPD and Public Safety.

The TA also recently received two separate and presumably unrelated complaints from residents who returned home to find their doors left open by workers who had entered their apartments for repairs. Both of these “door left ajar” reports were from buildings receiving the new intercoms. One of the reports was from the building where one of the burglaries occurred and in the same time frame.

In another unwelcome development, workers are entering apartments without the tenant’s permission, according to a number of phone and e-mail reports to the Tenants Association. Several were from residents who were at home when workers entered and were terrified to find strangers in their living rooms. The TA has also received tenant reports of workers entering their apartments despite their clear orders to management denying “permission to enter.”

In light of these reports and developments, the Tenants Association advises great caution when giving “permission to enter” and to think carefully about granting such permission. Non-emergency entry must be at a time mutually convenient to both tenant and owner and with sufficient notice. Tenants may want to consider double locking their doors with their secondary top-locks.

Commenting on these events, Tenants Association Chair Susan Steinberg said, “ I remember a time when one could allow owner-employed maintenance personnel into one’s apartment without fear of losing valuables. And I remember a time when schedules were always negotiated with Resident Services, who would never dream of forcing an entry, except for an emergency such as water overflow, fire or serious gas leak. Tenants have the right to limit unannounced, unauthorized entries to actual emergency conditions and should insist that management respect these limits.”

Tenants are advised to report any suspicious behavior to Public Safety or the NYPD.


Anonymous said...

TENANT SECURITY ALERT: Protect your belongings: The TA has received another report of alleged theft by painters in Peter Cooper Village. This one involves stolen checks which in once case was later cashed. These two thefts come on the heels of three Grand Larcenies in Stuyvesant Town when Management permitted contract workers in scores of apartments unsupervised.

You may want to consider supervising all management contractors and employees while they are in your apartment. I have concluded that for myself I will require an appointment and supervision for every inspection or service call.


Anonymous said...

Stuy Town is little more than smoke and mirrors. They hired these young, attractive people to show apartments to prospective renters. "Look how cool, young and hip we are here!" However, once you sign a lease, you will never see those young, attractive, friendly people again. What you WILL see is tenant abuse:

- Employees entering your apartment whenever they want and stealing your possessions. (see the above 2 comments.)

- UPS/Fex Ex packages being stolen from your apartment door because the lobby doors are often left wide open and Public Safety, though alerted by a sensor, does nothing about it.

- The management office sitting on rent checks then sending tenants bills for late fees and eviction notices. (Dan Garodnick's office is currently investigating this matter.)

- Washers and dryers that routinely break, if they work at all. Some buildings are STILL without basic services since Sandy... 9 months ago.

- If your bike isn't registered, they will THROW IT OUT.

- Charges for EVERYTHING: The amenities, the concierge, the kids playroom, $80 fee if you ever get locked out, etc.

- Outrageous move out fees tenants could never anticipate.

Now they have moved management off-property making them only available to tenants via phone. Get used to voice mail and full inboxes.

Stuy Town is strictly marketing to students and student-types. They pack 4-5 people into apartments meant for 1-2 (1 bathroom!) by using pressure walls. These people urinate in the bushes, defecate in the stairwells, have sex in public and make life a living hell for the rest of us working folks.

Management uses them as a weapon to drive out existing tenants so they can flip our apartments and convert them into pseudo-dorms.

Please, don't rent here. Do your home work. Read the blogs, the Facebook pages, the Yelp reviews, etc.

But don't take my word for it. Visit the Stuy Town Tenants Association's Facebook page and read first hand what tenants are really saying:

Anonymous said...

CWCAPITAL / Compass Rock Real Estate held focus groups so they could fine tune attracting these vermin. These are old buildings not meant for the high volume of occupancy by such high maintenance renters. They are a drain on resources.

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Giovanni said...

So sad, but StuyTown was done the minute they got rent-jacked and mass evicted due to the Roberts deal the tenants were duped into accepting. You can stick a jackhammer in them, they're done. All that's left is for the bulldozers to start digging up the Oval so that Brookfield Properties can build their billion dollar condos to the moon, and so Ivanka Trump will finally have a nice cozy place she can call home.

In honor of what StuyTown could have been but at the hands of greedy landlords has sadly become, here are a few new, more appropriate names for the place, and they coincidentally all happen to rhyme with StuyTown:













Bye StuyTown, it was nice knowing you....

Anonymous said...

The photo of the college kids shitting in the stairwells is priceless

Anonymous said...

Take if from the people who get the phone calls, it's all true. StuyTown/PCV is no longer a place to move to.