Monday, August 12, 2013

Watch The Birdman of the East Village

The full version of Jessie Auritt's documentary short on the proprietor of Rainbow Music is now online. The nearly 10-minute video takes a look at one of the neighborhood's more intriguing shopkeepers, a man simply known as the Birdman who works amid the stacks of used CDs, videos and cassettes here at 130 First Ave.

Check it out.

The Birdman from Jessie Auritt on Vimeo.

You can read our Q-and-A with Auritt here.

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The Birdman of the East Village


~evilsugar25 said...

this is awesome! the "birdman" title is misleading; it's really about this character that owns this crowded store. thanks for posting.

MaddMaxx said...

What a precious jewel among plastic and paste! It is people such as this that made NYC what it is and hopefully, not was. Thanks for sharing 'The Birdman' with the rest of the world or those of us that will NEVER utter the phrase, "Thank Heaven for 7/11!

kfbeau said...

After living a decade in Chelsea I returned to my first NY neighborhood (EV) in 1999 and this shop was one of the first places I went to buy CD's. Unfortunately I don't buy music in that format any longer unless I am looking for something truly rare. I am pleased he is not in need of the income he earns in his shop but sadly so many small businesses are not in his position and may survive the corporate take over of our beloved neighborhood.