Thursday, August 8, 2013

Life is grand now at Rite Aid, maybe

The transformation of the Rite Aid on First Avenue at East Fifth Street is apparently complete. Goggla, who has admirably served as our EVG Senior First Avenue Rite Aid Correspondent these recent whirlwindy weeks, points out the Balloon Arch (Trellis?) this morning... signage notes a "grand opening (and re-opening!) celebration."

A new-look inside .... a new-look outside... new-look hours (24!) ... an EVG regular even said that the employees were smiling and not making you feel as if you were at, say, the DMV or Peter Stuyvesant Post Office. Will it last?

Meanwhile! Bake A Bone™'s for everyone!


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Makeout said...

Pillars of balloon-yness?

Anonymous said...

Yeh, just wait until the graffiti bandits that hit Russos make their mark here! They should post cameras now and catch these bastards in the act. Just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

I was in here tuesday. I was shocked by the transformation. And indeed, they got rid of all the old surly and mean employees. They have been replaced by fresh-faced and friendly actual human beings. And there was a guy actually going around with the spatula removing minute specks from the blindingly shiny new spotless floors. They have shelves which are actually stocked. And the woman who seemed to be a supervisor actually smiled at the customers, and seemed genuinely liked by the employees. I was even given an invitation to a ""Red Carpet Grand Opening". I have lost it but I think they said it was scheduled for tonight..

EV Grieve said...

@anon 1:47

Thanks for the report! Wonder where the surly employees went... Maybe to the East 14th Street store...

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we are being teletransported via the new automatic door to a RiteAid in Dayton or Helena or somewhere.

Yep, the grand opening is this afternoon. I can't wait!

your Junior First Avenue Rite Aid Correspondent

Anonymous said...

Why is that bee so angry? chill out 'lil fella.

Rong Aid said...

Of course they're going to be "nice" now that the block/neighborhood have been whiteyfied and luxufied. But they're still surly to the mostly minority locals. At least before these transformation, they were surly to everyone.

Anonymous said...

Pre-emptive accusations of racism. Well done.