Thursday, August 8, 2013

EV Grieve Etc.: Mourning Edition

[Outside the new-look 205 Avenue A this morning via Greg Masters]

What's taking over the University Diner space (Jeremiah's Vanishing New York)

A rundown of LES-themed books and recommendations on where to read them (DNAinfo)

Landbrot Bakery & Bar evicted on Orchard Street (BoweryBoogie)

More about the East River Blueway Plan (The Villager)

At the National Night Out Against Crime, with "Macarena" video (Slum Goddess)

Brooklyn rents are now nearly high as Manhattan rents (Gothamist)

A now and then on West 13th Street (Gog in NYC)

And tonight as part of the ongoing MoRUS Film Festival: "7th Street" directed by Josh Pais. Read more about the documentary here. (The film is preceded by the Paper Tiger TV show "Play for Keeps," about the demolition of Esperanza Garden.)

Doors open at 7:30 pm at 6B Garden (Avenue B and 6th Street), and films begin at dusk. Per MoRUS: Arrive early for beer/wine, and to save a seat (or feel free to bring blankets or chairs of your own). $5 (suggested) at the door.

Here's a snippet of "7th Street" ...


esquared™ said...

Lush Life by Richard Price, read at Lucien or Zucco (proxy for the now vanished Pink Pony), or Schiller's Liquor Bar(possibly the archetype of Café Berkman).
[re: LES-themed books and where to read them]

shmnyc said...

In the "7th Street" clip, the guy at 2:22 understand better what's going on than the people who claim to speak for him.

Anonymous said...

thats a pretty effective guilt trip. But whats the point? its not the 80s anymore and mostly thats for the best. The neighborhood is more desirable which means more expensive. Its easy to hate what that results in but I think its short sighted to blame the people moving into apartments it their price range in the area.

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Is that a way-back machine?

Jill said...

Ha and ha. 1:31 on that video is my old friend Al Diggs.

Anonymous said...

rob said...

um, you just claimed "to speak for him," shm (although you didn't even live here when the place began to upscale).

and who besides you is speaking for him? sharon zukin, david harvey? or the anarchists who actually did live here and speak for themselves?

(but then, if as you say, you don't understand what's going on as well as this man, how would you know he knows better than you? what a contradictory mess of arrogant hubris. forgive my bluntness)