Friday, August 2, 2013

Village Fishmonger starting Monday night delivery service to Tompkins Square Bagels

As we've noted, Tompkins Square Bagels owner Christopher Pugliese has expressed interest in opening a fish market somewhere in the East Village.

Until that happens, here's an interim solution... Starting Monday night from 6-8, Tompkins Square Bagels at 165 Avenue A will serve as a pick-up location for anyone who orders from Village Fishmonger.

Samantha Lee, an owner of Village Fishmonger, which launched last fall, said that they are "a sustainable seafood company in NYC that sources local and responsibly harvested seafood."

It works like Community Supported Agriculture, delivering locally harvested seafood to members on a weekly basis. Tompkins Square Bagels is VF's first East Village pick-up location. (They also do a series with the Washington Square CSA at the St Mark's Church-in-the-Bowery Greenmarket on Tuesdays this summer.)

You can find more details about how all this works at the Village Fishmonger website.

Lee, a former East Village resident, told us that "there is a need for more access to better seafood product, which we definitely felt when we lived in the area."


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

This also strikes me as a good way for Christopher Pugliese to gauge neighborhood demand for fish (that needs to be taken home and actually cooked.)

Anonymous said...

yes yes please fish market in the nabe would be nice there hasn't been one in forever