Tuesday, September 7, 2010

'Alas the saga of SUPERDIVE continues'

In recent days, we noted that the toilets from Superdive were now in the middle of the bar... that the for lease sign had been moved to the front widow... and, over the weekend, the lights of the Superdive sign were finally extinguished.

So just what is going on? Have we seen the last of Superdive, officially? The Head of Superdive checked in via e-mail:

After a long hot summer, much beachtime and the birth of our newborn "Dive Alexander" on Aug. 27, here is an update:

• We have put our liquor liscense in safekeeping in anticipation of settling all SLA charges, paying a fine, filing an alteration application to reflect what the premises should would and will look like

• Simultaneously we have entered into an option agreement with our landlord michael taub to agree to sell at a very generous price provided he can find the proper alternative for the space (read: full-service restaurant)

While this agreement provides the basis for a win-win, in the event a viable local operator does not show up by the time we reach and pay the SLA settlement, we will be moving forward with our renovation alteration and upgrade plans.

As you can see, to facilitate such we have allowed the landlord to post a sign in the window to increase exposure. It remains to be seen what will transpire next.

Alas the saga of SUPERDIVE continues.


Baby Dive

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