Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Whatever happened to that really ugly hotel planned for the Bowery?

Mystery Building Week continues. (See here and here for previous installments.)

The Salvation Army's East Village Residence closed here at the Bowery and East Third Street in August 2008. (Find some history of the space here.)

[February 2011, of course, because it doesn't snow here anymore]

And all was quiet for a few years. Until Jan. 11, 2011, when Lois Weiss at the Post reported that the France-based Louzon Group had bought the building and were planning on opening a new hotel here. Across the way from the Bowery Hotel. And two blocks from the then-Cooper Square Hotel (now the Standard East Village). Not to mention the rebranded Whitehouse Hotel and Hostel across the street. And close enough to the 569 hotels planned for the Lower East Side.

Remember the first rendering?

[Via Curbed]

Then! The next rendering! Keep in mind: This is not a joke.

[Via the Observer]

And yes — that's a Jumbotron up there.

As you'll recall, the reaction was... brutal? My favorite comment, via the EV Grieve Facebook page, came from Luc Sante:

It would be cheaper and more useful just to blow up the building and leave a 30-foot crater.

Anyway! Two years later, there's no sign of this hotel. (Which is a very good thing...) There's nothing on file for the property with the DOB. No demolition permits in the works. Nothing.

Did the Louzon Group changed its mind? They paid $7.6 million for the property. Anyone know what's going on with the space? Let us know via the EV Grieve email.

[Image created by Shawn Chittle]

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Why do the French hate us?


Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

This building should cement the architect's reputation in NYC for designing chain hotels that stick out.

Anonymous said...

Fuck new hotels in the East Village and the rich assholes that want to stay there. Turn this building back into a Salvation Army shelter so people that really need the space have a place to go. There are other fire hydrants in the city for the well-off and fortunate to go piss on at their leisure.

Gojira said...

Funny, with your post yesterday about the Death Star I started wondering what was happening with The Zit Building. Fingers crossed that the plans to build it have been popped.

Anonymous said...

The building looks like it has an archtuctural infection.


The pigeons would looove roosting and pooping on all of those red sores.

nygrump said...

At least the poor people have been moved along and they won't bother us while we try to eat and drink and get in and out of cabs.

Laura Goggin Photography said...

Maybe 7-11 will expand...

Crazy Eddie said...

Lego nightmare. Ghostbusters, keep walking. Sometimes evil is needed to fight the greater evil.

Anonymous said...

Do you think this blog ridiculed them into scrapping the idea? I really REALLY hope so!