Monday, March 11, 2013

'Urgent community meeting' to discuss bar opening at 14 Avenue B

Flyers went up yesterday with notice of a community meeting on Sunday night ... of particular interest to residents of the southern stretch of Avenue B and the side streets.

First item of business:

• "We need to mobilize for the last step to stop a new nightclub from opening at 14 Avenue B."

That would be the so-called Epic City Pub, from the folks who owned Urge on Second Avenue. (Read more about this here.)

Lost track of this one. The full Community Board 3 denied this application last September for a variety of reasons, including that there are at least 12 full on‐premise liquor licenses within 500 feet of this location. (Find the meeting notes here via a PDF.) The bar is currently seeking a license directly from the State Liquor Authority. (There was a petition earlier.)

Other items to discuss on Sunday night:

There are also applications in the works for 173 E. Second St., currently home to the Klean & Kleaner laundromat ... and possible new location for The Living Room. This was on the March CB3/SLA docket, but the applicant withdrew.

Plus, there's an unknown applicant aiming to take over the former JujoMukti Tea Lounge at 211 E. Fourth St.

The meeting, sponsored by the East 4th Street A & B Block Association, will be held from 6:30-7:30 in the community room at 535 E. Fifth St.

[H/t to Ray LeMoine for the photo]


Anonymous said...

Is there any info on the applicant for the 4th Street one, where the tea parlor was? The noise from patrons outside Dorian Grey ia few storefronts down is very obtrusive at times, and that place is fairly tame.

Maybe it's just for a restaurant or something - seems like a strange place for a "club".

Anonymous said...

If it's a pub, will they be serving food? I imagine drag brunches and the like

Jill said...

We will be seeing these notices now all the time because the community board now requires the block associations to post notices and have meetings for any liquor license application and bring in a copy of the sign as well as their attendance records. It is not allowed to be done by email. This is in addition to the notice that the applicant is required to post in the window. The applicant is not required to call a meeting with residents.

Anonymous said...

I hear it's going to be an upscale restaurant with nice wines, catering to everyone but gay friendly? One of the staff that worked at Urge is going to be working there when it opens. Who said it was a club? Urge isn't moving, that's closed. Just the same owners I suppose.