Friday, November 15, 2013

Free Cooper Union presents #TwoWeeksOfLeaks

From the EVG inbox…

Free Cooper Union has received a collection of anonymously leaked confidential documents pertaining to The Cooper Union’s Board of Trustees and the Administration of Jamshed Bharucha. For the next two weeks we will be releasing one document per day to our press contacts.

Bharucha and the college’s trustees have claimed to run a transparent and accountable administration, yet the community has unilaterally been barred from participation in decision-making and access to financial and organizational information. On Nov. 11, the Board prematurely cancelled the election of a student representative because the process adopted by students was too democratic. Transparency without accountability means nothing, and Cooper’s Board has demonstrated that they are accountable to no one.

In addition to documents queued for release in the next two weeks, Free Cooper Union is calling for additional leaks pertaining to the mismanagement perpetrated by Cooper Union’s past and present Board and Administration. Information may be emailed to or sent to our voicemail at 917-746-5634.

In celebration of open flows of information, on Nov. 24 from 6 to 9 pm, students will be performing a second reading of the Board transcript leaked this summer by The Village Voice at e-flux, 311 East Broadway.

And here is yesterday's selection:

Today’s document is a guide of “Helpful Information for Administrative Assistants” to former president George Campbell. The guide is highly indicative of the oppressive corporate culture and the luxurious wasteland of hierarchy and bureaucracy that have come to characterize Cooper Union’s administration:

“Office Cautions:”

“The blinds in the Reception Area must be drawn to the same level at all times...This is the President’s pet peeve.”

“Unless you like being admonished by the President about using his office as a highway, it’s advised that you refrain from [walking through] while he’s around.”

“When ordering lunch, ask to have all salad ingredients brought separately (GC is allergic to cucumbers, Lawrence and Ronni do not eat onions). That also allows you to construct the salad yourself and make it look nicer.”

“He likes weak coffee, black. Place coffee thermos and mug to the left of his computer.”

Hotels: Dr. Campbell likes to stay at nice hotels when on College business: Ritz Carleton is his favorite, especially while in LA (he always stays at the Ritz Marina Del Rey when in the LA area — make sure to book the executive level suite, ocean view room).”

Cars: Dr. Campbell prefers to drive a luxury SUV during the winter and a luxury Cadillac in the summer/spring or in warm climates. If a luxury car isn’t available, order a convertible. He likes to have a car on almost all of his trips as he prefers to drive to different venues.”


Anonymous said...

These kids are too much.

nygrump in internal exile said...

NYPD has set up a communications center on 3rd Ave in front of Cooper, I guess they feel threatened by the student activity and want to make sure the students know their place.

Makeout said...

Nice fuckin' rider "GC".

Anonymous said...

I fear that it is a losing battle, but I do enjoy that these students are waging it.

xootrman said...

I echo Anonymous comment on the battle waged by students.