Monday, December 9, 2013

The legal battle over the estate of Johnny Thunders

The New York Post brings news of the complicated legal battle that has taken shape over the estate of Johnny Thunders, the one-time New York Doll, Heartbreaker and Avenue A resident.

At the time of his death at age 38 in April 1991, Thunders — born John Anthony Genzale, Jr. — apparently had about $4k to his name. However, his sister in Queens, the administrator of his estate, parlayed that sum into several hundred thousand dollars through the years.

Since she died four years ago, none of his heirs have reportedly received any payments.

Per the Post:

Thunders’ half-Swedish daughter, Jamie Michelle Susanne Genzale, 26, was set to take over as administrator of the remaining $160,000 when all hell broke loose.

Jamie, a single mom working as a shop clerk in Stockholm, couldn’t afford the $75,000 bond that’s required by the court for her oversee the payments — so no one has been paid in four years, her Swedish lawyer told The Post.

But Thunders’ sons, Vito and Dino Genzale, are now suing to bar her from controlling the funds.

Vito , 36, of New York, has done stints in the state’s toughest lockups, including Attica and Sing Sing, for drug dealing.

Dino, 34, of Texas, has a rap sheet that spans 16 years and four states with charges ranging from marijuana and cocaine offenses to robbery, theft, indecent exposure and assault.

And now the sons are trying to track down their mother as well, whose last-known address was in Springfield, Ohio, to get her on their side in the ongoing legal fight.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say other than I wish Johnny's sister could have been my financial advisor.

Charlie said...

Mo Money Mo Problems

Anonymous said...

Too Much Junkie Business!

Unknown said...

Those poor kids. They grew up living with my Mom and I. You can blame their mother for the men they have become. She never was a mother to them . I am so sad they have become this. I loved Vito so much. He was the sweetest, most loving and kind little boy. Next thing I knew his Mom didn't want them so she could go on partying without them being in her way andshe dropped them at Johhny Thunders Mom's door. Can you imagine how these little boys felt. Noone wanted them. Sad, so very sad. Unfortunately at this point all that money will go to for them is more drugs. If they find Julie to help them she will only help for a cut of money as well. I know the world see's these men as junkies (following in the footstepsof both Mom and Dad) but I dont remember them that way. I remember Vito loving "Creature Feature's" and going to the "Fee (flea) Market".

Anonymous said...

Sydney, you sound like a sweetheart but I have zero sympathy for these guys. They're adults now and can turn their lives around. They can. If they really wanted to. Believe it.

Anonymous said...

12:30 totally

Jill said...

I am still stuck on the part where Johnny Thunders fathered three children.

Unknown said...

Vito Genzale, Jr. is 14 and the son of Vito Genzale and Rebecca Jo Orlando. He has been adopted into a loving, non-druggie family in NY. He desperately wants to know his birth mother and father, as any curious adopted child would. He knows of his grandfather's fame, but is only interested in the family side of things. The adoptive parents are OK with Vito Jr meeting with his birth parents, provided they are clean and sober. Any information about their whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Gene Serra

Gary genzale said...

Johnnys life was basically the same as mlne.grew up with no father drug use as well as leukemia.its a real horror.maybe this disease just runs in the family.i cleaned up my act. I love you forever.i still can't play the guitar as well as you but I keep trying and never give up. Love always your cousin Gary genzale

chessman said...

How could anyone not be a fan of Gary Genzale? I AM!