Tuesday, December 9, 2014

More about the world's smallest screening room coming to Two Boots on Avenue A

This past weekend, we noted that Two Boots was ending its 18-year run renting movies.

Two Boots Video closed in the fall of 2008, with a much smaller rental collection merging next door in the pizzeria. (And their great Pioneer Theater RIP'd in November 2008. The video space and Pioneer Theater are now part of the Upright Citizens Brigade.)

Meanwhile, as the posters on the pizzeria's doors on Avenue A and East Third Street promise, the Pioneer Jr. is on the way … dubbed as "The world's smallest screening room."

We reached out to Two Boots owner Phil Hartman for more details.

"We had 18 great years at Two Boots Video and stubbornly kept the little nook going way longer than we ever envisioned — even though barely anyone rents DVDs anymore," Hartman told us via email.

Now it's time to transition to something else.

"We're putting a big screen in that little space, with a cool table made from a refurbished Two Boots sign, and probably about seven stools, so that folks can screen films while eating pizza and drinking pitchers of beer," said Hartman, who added that they're putting in a beer tap on the counter. "It will be a mini-tribute to The Pioneer Theater and a way for us to keep our love of movies alive."

He hopes that the Pioneer Jr. will be up and running before Dec. 25.

In other Two Boots movie-related news, the Saint Nic pizza makes its annual appearance starting on Dec. 19.

As Hartman said, it's a tribute to Nicolas Cage, "the saint of overheated movie acting."

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Anonymous said...

But will this theater have recliners that has an electric control for multiple positions and features padded footrests;digital projection in the auditorium to provide a crystal-clear picture; real D 3D projection systems available for 3D enhanced presentations; stadium seating that provides each moviegoer a clear view of the screen?

Gojira said...

And $23.50 popcorn?

Ken from Ken's Kitchen said...

Ha ha. I was gonna ask if the stools recline for every guest to provide more room, comfort and true luxury.
And if each stool has an electric control for multiple positions and features padded footrests. But 8:42 AM beat me to it.

abfus said...

interesting concept -- hope it works out. hartman seems like a good guy

Anonymous said...

However, I can personally attest that there used to be much smaller screening rooms on 42nd street. And they only cost 25¢