Friday, July 7, 2017

Report: Owners of Babu Ji settle 2nd wage lawsuit

News broke back in March about a second wage-theft and overtime lawsuit against Babu Ji owners Jessi and Jennifer Singh. Around that same time, their popular Indian restaurant on Avenue B at 11th Street went dark ... and never reopened in this location.

Eater reports today that Babu Ji has settled the second lawsuit.

Last fall, three employees of the restaurant’s now-shuttered East Village location accused Jessi and Jennifer Singh of withholding tips and failing to pay overtime. The same lawsuit claimed that Jessi Singh threatened servers and their families.

Settlement papers filed to public record earlier this week show that each of the three former employees will receive under $28,500 as part of the agreement, while attorney (and notorious restaurant thorn) Maimon Kirschenbaum’s firm will receive more than $44,000. The Singhs did not admit to wrongdoing as part of the deal.

Babu Ji, which opened on Avenue B in June 2015, is now at 22 E. 13th St. between Fifth Avenue and University Place.

The former Babu Ji space on B and 11th will be an Indian restaurant from the founder of Curry in a Hurry, Akbar Dawat and Café Spice, among others.

Photo from March

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sophocles said...

I thought once they shutdown that it would be a long slog to see any money. I'm glad to see the workers are getting paid.

Anonymous said...

"The Singhs did not admit to [fucking up] as part of the deal"

Yeah ok whatever helps you sleep at night. Everyone knows you fucked up big league.