Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A look at the other OTHER hawk in Christo's life

[Amelia on the left with Christo]

Last Wednesday, as Dora was leaving Tompkins Square Park for a wing-rehab stint on Long Island, an unknown female red-tailed hawk quickly took up residence in the now-empty nest. She and Christo, Dora's longtime companion, then mated.

Since then, the Park's hawk watchers have had a chance to observe this newcomer. (For the record, she isn't Barucha/Nora/Not-Dora, Christo's hawk-pal from when Dora left the first time around.)

Goggla was the first report on the hawk, who last week showed considerable skill maneuvering in that day's wind gusts that reached 50 mph. "For this reason, a fellow hawk-watcher suggested calling the new girl 'Amelia' after Amelia Earhart." (Hopefully this Amelia will enjoy a less-mysterious existence.)

Steven shared these photos of Amelia from recent days...

... and coming in for a landing...

As Goggla points out, she is larger than Christo... she has also been assisting in nest-building duties.

[Amelia on the right here with Christo]

There's no timeline yet for Dora's possible return... So all eyes now on Amelia.


Donnie Moder said...

How do they find each other? I understand Blue Jays have Jaydate. But Redhawks? Okcupid?

Gojira said...

As the Hawks Turn.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen Opie lately???

Anonymous said...

Christo and Dora have an open relationship I guess.