Sunday, December 9, 2018

Week in Grieview

[Photo on 9th Street by Derek Berg]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

Educator: Turning the former Church of the Nativity into luxury housing would be a 'sordid use' of the property (Wednesday)

St. Dymphna's eyeing a return engagement, this time at 117 Avenue A (Thursday)

A visit to C&B Cafe on 7th Street (Friday)

Where the gas stations were (Tuesday)

Dante and Diego's adoption is the feel-good story that we need right now (Wednesday)

This week's NY See (Saturday)

MaKiinNy is now open in the East Village Thai space on 7th Street (Monday)

Concern for China Wok, which has not been open lately on Avenue B (Wednesday)

The holiday lights on 9th Street (Wednesday)

Eliza's Local now open at 2 St. Mark's Place (Wednesday)

A look at the annual scourge of SantaCon (Saturday)

When is the fruit vendor on 1st Avenue and 6th Street closing down for the winter? (Friday)

Matthew Kenney expands his 2nd Avenue plant-based empire; eyes former Cucina Di Pesce space (Monday)

Wara bringing Japanese cuisine and Batsu theater to 1st Avenue (Tuesday)

Dim Sum Palace debuts on 2nd Avenue (Tuesday)

More details about the Tao Group's eating-drinking options at the Moxy East Village (Monday)

A new 2nd Avenue home for the NYPD's light tower (Monday)

On 2nd Avenue, 16 Handles is temporarily closed for the season (Tuesday)

Y7 Studio ready to debut its candlelit hip-hop yoga at 250 E. Houston (Thursday)

First sign of Madame Vo Barbecue on 2nd Avenue (Monday)

TabeTomo debuts on Avenue A (Wednesday)

That's a wrap for Five Tacos on St. Mark's Place (Thursday)

... and EVG reader KT shared this photo from last Sunday...

We asked Goggla for help ID-ing this one... after some consolation, "we've concluded this is a juvenile red-shouldered hawk — a relative rarity for the area!"

... and a reminder not to feed the pigeons and rats Fruit Loops in Tompkins Square Park...

[Photo this morning by Vinny & O]


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i love this blog! thank you grieve!