Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Where the gas stations were

In the past four years, the last three area gas stations have closed, replaced by high-end new developments. Here's an update...


Lafayette at East Houston Street

The BP station closed in April 2016... (the Irish pub Puck Fair was also on this parcel)...

[EVG file photo]

... and here's a look at the new 7-story retail-office complex as of Friday at 300 Lafayette St. ... the building will include 30,000 square feet of retail and 53,000 square feet of office space...


Second Avenue at First Street

The gas station — first a Gulf, then BP — closed in July 2014...

[EVG file photo]

... and here's the 10-story condoplex shaping up as of Saturday...


Avenue C at East Houston Street

The Mobil station closed in September 2014. It was the last one in business in the East Village...

[EVG file photo]

... and as of Saturday, workers are still down in the foundation of what will be a 10-floor building with 45 luxury rentals via BLDG Management ...


With these closures, there is one gas station in the city below 14th Street — a Mobil on Eighth Avenue near East 13th Street. There is also a BP on East 23rd Street at the FDR.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent documentation.

Anonymous said...

When I first arrived in the EV in 1979 there were a number of gas stations:
SW corner of Bowery and 4th Street (now BB Bar)
SW corner of Bowery and 3rd Street
NE corner of Second and 1st Street
plus all the others you mentioned in the article
There was also a Car Wash and filling station on the north side of Houston opposite the BP site...it was called Carz a Poppin, or something like that
You could also find a wash on 6th Avenue and Broome - now a residential and just up the block next to it on 6th was a gas station.
There was also one on West 14th Street and Hudson
Allllllllllllllllllll gone. Now if only the cars would leave!

Neighbor said...

Does anyone know what is going on with the development at 2nd and C? It seems to have stalled forever with only modest progress since they stopped rocking the building next door (or at least I hope they stopped!) and now they have had pumps going 24 hours a day for months!

Anonymous said...

Good Riddance !

Streets for people, not for cars.

Grieve, can you do a feature on Parking Garages turned into Housing ? (Looking at you NE corner of Lafayette and Great Jones St!)

13 St between A and 1st
11 St between 1st and 2nd
9 St between 1st and 2nd

Anonymous said...

What happens if/when these two remaining gas stations on 8th Avenue and 23rd Street close?

Where would one get gas? What a pain in the gas LOL.

Anonymous said...

sidewalks are for people, streets are for cars and will always be that way. No amount of kvetching will change it.

Anonymous said...

Streets are for people all over the world, just not here, but this can easily be changed:
Maybe start by expending the narrow sidewalks on 1st Av, take away a car moving lane. More room for people, less for cars.

Anonymous said...

Aww, no love for gas station on Ave B and 2nd?

Grieve said...

Sure! But I didn’t include that in this post since the Gaseteria closed in 2005. I was looking at the past 4 years.

Brian said...

Small correction: Eighth and WEST 13th. I don't own or drive a car, but do not understand how this no gas station zone is possible with all these damn cars all over the place. Obviously there is a lot of people having other people from outer boroughs and Jersey gassing up their cars.

Anonymous said...

It is getting hard to remember that this was once a practical place to live/work/run a business, and not a ghost mall.

Don't worry about the cabs/ubers and amazon trucks, at least another unsightly and inconvenient truth about city living is hidden from view from residents who unsatirically say "cars should be banned!".

Scuba Diva said...

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous said:

Now if only the cars would leave!

Like, can't they take a hint?