Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Camellia closed for renovations on 3rd Avenue

Blog friend Nick Solares tells us that Camellia, the newish ramen-gelato combo dispensary on Third Avenue between 15th Street and 16th Street, is currently closed (as of last week) for renovations.

A note for patrons states that they are updating/remodeling the dining room, and "will be back better than ever very soon!"

An Instagram post promises new menu items as well.

Camellia opened earlier this year in space that was, in part, a Subway (sandwich shop).


Anonymous said...

Better than ever! I wonder: was it decor or is it the combination of ramen and gelato that hasn't set the neighborhood on fire for this place? Something for all seasons, at least! I wish them luck: they're trying hard.

Anonymous said...

The food was alright - the more Chinese dishes were better than their ramen, but all of it worked in a pinch. The dining room definitely didn't fit right though - cafeteria style table and chairs, orange trays, and mid 90s McDonalds trash cans created a room that looked like a bus station food court that you didn't want to be in.

A switch to better seating and more complimentary colors should go a long way. They should also tweak their menu and make sure people know when they're open - they've changed hours a few times in the past couple of months, and the dark tint they put on the windows makes the restaurant look, well, dark when walking by after dusk.

Pat said...

I wish them luck. I was in there a few times and I liked the ramen. When they first opened they offered free gelato with your meal which was nice. The young man who worked there was sweet, I think that was his mother who cooked the food in the kitchen. I thought the decor was not attractive and how strange was the large statue of the deer in the window. But food and price is more important to me than decor and atmosphere, so I was willing to go back. But I did think that decor would not fit well in Gramercy.

Anonymous said...

August 14 back with a review: the food was good, and I'm hoping that autumn weather will bring more customers.

I ordered ramen with chicken in miso. They're generous with the choices of add-ons. The portion they brought out was hot and the ingredients were fresh — can't ask for more than that. The young man at the counter was super pleasant, too.

Good luck, Camellia!