Thursday, January 31, 2019

Coming soon: Camellia on 3rd Avenue

Just a little to the north, on Third Avenue between 15th Street and 16th Street, signage is up for Camellia, which, per the signage, will serve a variety of ramen, gelato and drinks... no word on an opening date (the website listed on the signage isn't active yet).

Camellia takes the place of a Subway (sandwich shop) that shuttered a few years back.

Thanks to Nick Solares for the photo!

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Anonymous said...

Camellia actually occupies the combined spaces of the aforementioned sandwich franchise and another, formerly occupied by a cleaner. So! I wish them luck and am eager to try.

Across Third, I notice more activity than usual at the former Mariella's Pizza space. Still papered, the doors have been open, with people going in and out. A wooden shed now covers the storefront just to its north.

Those spaces have been empty for several years now. Gone, for those keeping score at home, are Mariella's, a nail salon, a coin laundry, the reasonably good Dang Lai Palace, a Doc-in-the-Box (now an orthopedics practice), and maybe something I'm forgetting.

I'm rooting for us, Third Avenue! Thanks EV for extending coverage.