Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Joe’s Steam Rice Roll heading to 36 St. Mark's Place; will be the 5th restaurant in 4 years here

Joe’s Steam Rice Roll is reportedly planning to open a outpost this spring at 36 St. Marks Place between Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

Eater had this about the shop and its owner, Joe Rong:

Rong began selling his rice noodle rolls from a tiny storefront in Flushing in 2017, and his craft quickly stood out. Unlike many other vendors, he grinds the rice for the batter in an electric-powered stone mill daily. His stand has drawn a loyal following, prompting him to expand to Manhattan last November with a stall inside Canal Street Market.

He says he’s traveling to China soon to perfect the restaurant’s sauces and seasonings and expects to add new drinks to the menu, too.

You can read more about the food at Joe's in this Hungry City column at the Times last week.

No. 36 has seen a variety of quick-serve concepts come and go in recents years, including Cheers Cut, the Taiwanese mini-chain of fried foods ... Friterie Belgian Fries ... Fasta ("Pasta Your Way") ... and the $1.50 branch of 2 Bros. Pizza.


Anonymous said...

This looks TASTY!

Anonymous said...

Lots of spaces have high turnover. Not fair to pick on this one IMO just because it turns over fast. At least it's not sitting around all sad and vacant all the time like a lot of spaces. This suggests a landlord who is willing to try different shit. Seems better than holding out for a Citibank or Chase or Duane Reade or whatever for years on end like most of them do.