Wednesday, January 16, 2019

EVG Etc.: L-train drama rolls on without delays; Bikini Kill returns

[Tompkins Square Park this morning]

Woman raped and robbed in her East 14th Street apartment (Post)

Argument leads to slashing inside the Remedy Diner on Houston and Norfolk (The Daily News)

So much L-train drama: MTA previously rejected an approach from Cuomo over safety concerns that's similar to his latest plan (The Times) MTA board may still derail Cuomo's new plan (Post) Where's Andy Byford? Andy! (The Daily News)

The painstaking research that went into East Village Building Blocks (Off the Grid ... previously)

MulchFest 2019 recap from Tompkins Square Park – WITH VIDEOS! (Laura Goggin Photography)

The Metrograph is launching a distribution company (Deadline)

The chef and owner behind Korilla BBQ, which closed its EV outpost last June, are suing two former employees for allegedly attacking them (Eater)

An interview with photographers Roberta Bayley and GODLIS on documenting the CBGB scene (i-D)

Bikini Kill, reunited and with two NYC shows (Gothamist)

... and a look at the new work in progress at the Bowery Mural Wall by TATS CRU and John CRASH Matos... (h/t Lola Sáenz!)


Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't bikini kill get in on the 90's nostalgia money? Loved the band in the day but i imagine the show will be an unending Stalinist identity politics rant

DrGecko said...

I shouldn't read this blog before my morning coffee.

First thought on clicking through to the Bikini Kill article was: look at that picture! they haven't changed at all.