Thursday, January 31, 2019

Eating in the East Village via Eater

[EVG photo of B&H Dairy, named in multiple Eater listicles]

Eater dropped a comprehensive East Village dining package yesterday that includes multiple categories, including:

10 Best Cheap Eats

22 Bars for Every Vibe

Where to Dine With a Group

Where to Celebrate a Special Occasion

22 Japanese Restaurants to Try

Maybe you'll find a new place among these picks ... or agree with the selections, or disagree entirely and write your own category like, say, 22 Bars for Every Vibe That Aren't These 22.


MrNiceGuy said...

while I think Eater missed the boat on many of their picks (THAT'S not a bad thing, keep the best for the locals), this quote was fantastic: "The East Village is the best dining neighborhood in New York City. Full stop."

it's official, WE'RE #1!!

sophocles said...

Casa Adela (on the Eater list) would be one of my top picks for cheap eats. Gena's Grill (not on the list) is very good too. I don't think you can "dine" at the places listed for $5 or less on average; $10 or less would be more accurate. I had the vegetarian dumplings at Vanessa's once, and they were sub par. Abraco has excellent baked goods, but I wouldn't put it in the Cheap Eats category. I'll have to try Rakka one of these days...