Saturday, January 19, 2019

Wall to wall

The completed new work at the Bowery Mural Wall... Here's more on it via photographer Martha Cooper, who has been documenting the wall work this past week:

A blast from the past. TATS CRU is honoring the history of the Houston Bowery wall by creating a mural based on a photo of one of the very first walls painted here and inviting 80s writers to collaborate. Crash, Daze, Zephyr & Dez are among the legends who have dropped by to add their names.

The work includes a tribute to Tony Goldman, real-estate developer and proprietor of the Bowery Mural Wall. He died in 2012 at age 68.

And a time-lapse titled In a New York Minute...

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Anonymous said...

Even better then the wall at this intersection is the total disappearance of construction crews and obstacles which were a mainstay for years...yes years.