Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A Midwinter closing on 2nd Avenue

A quick closure to note outside the usual coverage area. An EVG tipster shares the news that Midwinter Kitchen closed after service on Sunday at 327 Second Ave. at 19th Street. The owners left this message for patrons on the restaurant's website:

We have had three formidable years here at Midwinter Kitchen. It has been such a privilege to bring our farm to table project to life in this community. Even more inspiring for us has been the experience of sharing the fruits of our labor with all of you. Your participation, appreciation and loyal patronage has been a true blessing to us.

Sadly the reality of a profoundly labor intensive farming and restaurant operation are at odds with the current economic climate and it is with a very heavy heart that we have decided that Midwinter Kitchen and Midwinter Farm will close their doors as of January 27, 2019.

The restaurant took its farm-to-table mission seriously, serving food from its very own Midwinter Farms in Ancram, N.Y.

Midwinter took over for Mezcla, a short-lived Latin bistro.

Before this, Capucine's Restaurant managed to stick around the address for 33 years before they were rent hiked in 2013.


Giovanni said...

Never went to Midwinter Kitchen, but I remember passing it a few times in the middle of 90 degree heatwaves and thinking that the name just wasn’t quite working for them during the other 3 seasons of the year. And it was usually empty. The interior also seemed sparse and minimalist (i.e. upscale) and not homey like the old Capucines, which was an institution for over 30 years. People went there for birthdays and celebrations, Same went for the short-lived Mexican place before it, which was owned by the Posto pizza people across the street, Now that place serves good food, in a homey atmosphere, and luckily is still in business, at least for now.

Unknown said...

Sad. It was a very nice place. Good food. ...2nd ave doesn't get much traffic...

Anonymous said...

This is a true loss to the neighborhood. They had delicious corn cakes and bacon at brunch. They were packed for weekend brunch, but their dinner menu was pricey and didn’t draw customers, Weekday breakfasts were nonexistent and may have helped revenue. The staff was so friendly,

Anonymous said...

This was an excellent restaurant. Too bad.