Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Tree-mendous fire wipes out remains of the holiday season in 4th Street pile

Earlier this morning (roughly 12:30), EVG regular jdx was walking on Fourth Street between First Avenue and Avenue A when "a sudden conflagration erupted in a pile of discarded xmas trees that wound up scorching the van parked beside it."

He called 911 and emergency services were all over it in roughly two minutes. Cause of the blaze here alongside the Village View property is unknown.

All photos (and video!) here courtesy of jdx ...

... and video...

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DrGecko said...

Goddam Rudolph got drunk again, stuck his nose where it doesn't belong.

Anonymous said...

Poor trees - the indignity of it all.
First, their life cut short, just to be thrown to the curb -
and if that wasn't enough - now turned to embers.
Those poor trees never had a chance.