Sunday, January 27, 2019

Week in Grieview

[1st Avenue steam out]

Stories posted on EVG this past week included...

RIP Jonas Mekas (Wednesday ... Thursday)

There was a slight decline in the number of NYC chain stores this past year (Monday)

A visit to Miscelanea NY on 4th Street (Thursday)

A look at where Citi Bike is expanding in the East Village (Wednesday)

1st signs of the construction to come at the 2nd Avenue explosion site (Friday)

Joe’s Steam Rice Roll heading to 36 St. Mark's Place (Tuesday)

Cheska's pizza now serving in the Bowery Market (Tuesday)

Today's Urban Etiquette marijuana sign of the day (Sunday)

A session for tenants to learn how to fight back against construction as harassment (Thursday)

Former Nicoletta space for rent on 2nd Avenue and 10th Street (Tuesday)

Report: The L-train's weekend repair plans would mean exit-only stations on 1st and 3rd avenues (Thursday)

On the Mark Cleaners now open on 13th Street (Tuesday)

Checking in on the under-renovation Ottendorfer Library (Wednesday)

'Fear and misinformation' on 4th Street: Developer sues over rejected hotel plans (Thursday)

This is what the Sunshine Cinema looks like today — 1 year after it closed (Monday)

Whatever happened to ... Donostia? (Thursday)

... and over on Broadway and 13th Street, someone made an addition to the ad for Success Academy Charter Schools... writing in the annual salary of founder and CEO Eva Sarah Moskowitz ...

On this topic, the East Village Community School PA is hosting a screening of the documentary "Backpack Full of Cash," which explores the cost of privatizing America's public schools, free of charge and open to all, on March 6 at 6 p.m.

Thanks Choresh Wald!


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Giovanni said...

I’m surprised there aren’t more accidents caused by those steam clouds of the middle of First Avenue.You’re basically driving blind through those things. In other news, this week on Citizen somebody reported there was a fire on Fifth Avenue and 21st St. in the same intersection where that big steam explosion happened a few months ago. Turned out it wasn’t smoke, it was just steam coming out from the semi-permanent steam stacks. Tourists can be so dumb.