Tuesday, January 15, 2019

A birthday celebration for Ray at Ray's Candy Store

Ray Alvarez, the hard-working proprietor of Ray's Candy Store, turns 86 on Jan. 25.

And as is tradition in recent years (dating to 2007), a group of Ray's friends/regulars hosted a birthday extravaganza, complete with a cake from Veniero's, inside the shop at 113 Avenue A last night.

Lilin Lace, Pearls Daily, Gal Friday, Nasty Canasta, Tansy and Cheeky Lane were there to help Ray celebrate.

This year, Ray's team paid tribute to their favorite fallen rock stars. After an intro of "The Candy Man" by Sammy Davis Jr., each of the six burlesque dancers took the stage/counter to accompany tracks by the Archies ("Sugar, Sugar"), Amy Winehouse ("Valerie"), Roy Orbison ("Oh, Pretty Woman"), the Jimi Hendrix Experience ("Foxy Lady"), the Doors ("Touch Me") and David Bowie ("The Jean Genie").

EVG correspondent Stacie Joy shared these photos from last night...

[Pearls Daily]

[Lilin Lace]

[Cheeky Lane]

[Gal Friday]


[Nasty Canasta]

[Lilin Lace, Pearls Daily, Gal Friday, Ray, Nasty Canasta, Tansy & Cheeky Lane]


Anonymous said...

YEAH, HELL YEAH! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAY!!!!!!!!!! peeped in the window around midnight; guess he was in the back, basking in the afterglow! great pics! thanks grieve, stacie joy, and all beautiful celebrants and dancers! yaaaaaayyyyy!!!

Bayou said...

Reason to make it to 87. Awesome all around.

Maj said...

I'm happy for ray but if this exact same celebration happened in an office of Goldman Sachs or CBS or Fox News, you'd all be up in arms about the sexism and objectification/exploitation of women, etc.

Anonymous said...

Mr Rayjangles, keep that smile on the dial!