Friday, August 7, 2020

EVG Etc.: Protecting New Yorkers from evictions; reopening NYC restaurants

[Sunset over Tompkins Square Park last night via @cecilscheib]

• Upper West Siders upset with plan that relocated residents from two East Village-based shelters to the Lucerne Hotel on 79th Street (West Side Rag ... NBC 4)

• Homeless group secures city pledge to fund hotel stays (The City)

• A breakdown of protections New Yorkers currently have from eviction (Curbed)

• Café Tucano — the former Cloister Cafe — on Ninth Street Street between Second Avenue and Third Avenue is said to now be a hotspot for exclusive all-night pandemic parties (Gothamist)

• Staffers at The Neighborhood School on Third Street encouraging parents to request full remote learning on Department of Education surveys (The Post)

• Red-tailed hawks survey the tree damage in Tompkins Square Park (Laura Goggin Photography)

• Nearly 50 NYC restaurant owners, including Danny Meyer and David Chang, are pledging their support of a new "Safe and Just Reopening" plan for restaurants (Eater)

• Chinatown dining scene making a comeback (Eater)

• "An uncommonly good summer show" title "(Nothing but) Flowers" through Sept. 13 at Karma on Second Street (The New Yorker)

• Club Cumming on Sixth Street launching series of virtual variety shows (Instagram)

... and out on virtual platforms today... "Creem: America's Only Rock 'N' Roll Magazine" ...


Anonymous said...

, BUT THIS IS BEYOND THE PALE, LET NO CRISIS GO TO WASTE: ... plan calls for the elimination of the tip credit for restaurants in the state, a labor law that allows owners to pay tipped workers a base minimum wage of $10 per hour plus tips while NYC’s regular minimum wage is $15 an hour. Simultaneously, the plan calls for state legislators to allow tips to be shared equally across a restaurant’s entire staff, another measure that is not allowed under current labor laws for tipped workers.

if they pass this law to appease these corporations, that is what is known as CORPORATISM, and in Italy was also known as FASCISM.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo....