Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Activity at the former Khyber Pass

There has been activity in recent days over at 34 St. Mark's Place ... the former Kyber Pass here between Second Avenue and Third Avenue...
Not sure at the moment what's happening with the space. Permits point to some plumbing work.

The Afghani restaurant that dated to the mid-1980s quietly closed during the pandemic. (Reported here in June.) Given its longevity on the block, some readers felt as if Khyber Pass deserved more press following its closure.

The storefront is currently for rent

Thanks to Steven for the photos!


Anonymous said...

Before it was Khyber Pass it was East Side Books.

Anonymous said...

sad to say I never went. Took it for granted that it'll continue to be there. :(

anonymous said...

I ate there a couple of times back in the 80’s. It was pretty good, but as anon at 9:51 says, I always thought they’d be around!!