Monday, March 22, 2021

With lease up, Squish Marshmallows will look for a new home

Squish Marshmallows closed yesterday at 120 St. Mark's Place...
Owner Katherine Sprung announced the closure via Instagram back on March 10, explaining that the lease was up at the space here between First Avenue and Second Avenue. However, she plans to reopen in a new storefront.

Meanwhile, the online portion of the business will temporarily halt on Wednesday. Here's more from her Instagram post:
Our online shop will stop taking orders on March 24, and all orders placed in time will still ship out, including Easter orders .... any updates on ... opening back up, location, etc, will be announced once that information is available!

I appreciate your patience and understanding while we take a little time off and away, and look forward to serving you again soon!
Squish, which sells a variety of treats made with marshmallows, opened here in late November 2016

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