Friday, March 26, 2021

Van Da to treat NYC's 'Warrior Women' to dinner on its 1st night back

Photo of Yen Ngo from November by Stacie Joy 

Van Da, the modern Vietnamese restaurant at 234 E. Fourth St., reopens April 1 here between Avenue A and Avenue B.

And on the opening night, owner Yen Ngo plans to honor the women who have helped "lift our city up and forward."

She explains in an Instagram post:
Throughout history, women have always carried communities forward, uplifting one another, providing life and nourishment in all forms (and hardly get the credit for it.) History repeats itself again throughout this pandemic, hearing so many stories about women who have lifted their communities and led the way through a worldwide crisis, offering hope and inspiration to those around them.

We've been mulling over ways to re-open in exactly 1 week on April 1st that honor what NYC has fought through and, at the same time, honor the women who have held the torch to lift our city up and forward.

On Thursday, April 1, we are dedicating our opening night to treat 75 of these heroic women and a companion to thank them for their courage, resilience, and leadership with a special fixed menu and wine pairing.

Please help us treat our local NY Warrior Women to an evening out by nominating them ... 

The deadline to nominate someone is 8 p.m. on Monday. And you need to do it on Van Da's Instagram account.

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Anonymous said...

Good people, exquisite food. Don’t miss the Pho Short Rib Grilled Cheese sandwich... scrumptious!