Monday, March 15, 2021

Monday's parting shot

The Gov. Cuomo wheatpaste as seen on Avenue B between 10th Street and 11th Street...


Gojira said...

What, no big hands?!?

lips said...

I can't defend him over his screw up; putting Covid patients in the senior housing (by the way, other states did this too).
But he has done so much for women's right the LBGT community and the Democrat party. The New York Post (a tool for the Republican party timed this perfectly. Just after Covid scandal.)
Democrats need to realize three things: 1. These are ALLEGATIONS.
The allegation are not that serious (the whole P.C. thing has blown this way out of proportion) 2.His reputation as a bully just confirms his effectiveness against the Republican party. 3. The Democratic party didn't 'abandon'. They feared he'd discredit party, allegations or not. (Meanwhile Trump marries a hooker, sleeps with a porn star and 'Grabs women by the puzzy')and the Republican party stand by him because they know what the Democrats don't. You stay with someone who will strengthen the policies of the party.