Sunday, March 21, 2021

Petition calls for 1 more year of the Hester Street Fair in current location

As Curbed's Valeria Ricciulli reported on Friday, the Seward Park co-op board decided not to renew the lease for the Hester Street Fair, founded in 2010 and set to start on April 10. 

There's now a petition (link here) in circulation to either give them one more year at the site or help find a new location for the Street Fair. 

Per the petition:
In late February we were finally able to present a general presentation to the board to discuss the renewal of our lease. Again a lot of praise with no feedback or questions from the board. Two days prior to the meeting we decided to accept pre-applications, as a way to show the commitment and interest from our community, and received 110 applications resulting in a total of 850 booths booked in 48 hours. 
Exactly four weeks before our scheduled Season 12 opening on April 10th, we received an email stating the board wants to consider a different operator, and not allow us to proceed with the programming. 
While the board has no legal obligation to the Hester Street Fair, we still urge them to allow us, our vendors, and partners to finish what we started, to continue the fair for this season, and give us the time to transition to a new location.

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