Friday, March 26, 2021

More scaffolding — and now demolition — for this troubled Avenue C corner

An EVG reader shared these photos from yesterday at the southeast corner of Avenue C and Third Street:
"Activity at the corner again. At first, it sounded like they were finally taking down the sidewalk shed, but they're actually putting up additional barriers and appear to be readying for construction work of some kind."
As previously reported, residents have long complained about the drug activity on this corner. On Jan. 18, a 36-year-old man was shot and killed here. According to published reports, the man was shot multiple times around 8:40 p.m. Since then, the NYPD has parked a patrol car here.

The sidewalk bridge has helped give cover to any activity here... for the past eight-plus years. 

At one point, there were plans for this corner... with the filing of permits with the city in July 2005 for a new 6-floor residential building here. The city disapproved the plans in May 2006, and nothing more happened with the project.

However, the landlord filed a permit in the fall of 2017 with the DOB to "rebuild exterior walls; replace windows and sistering of floor joists to address" the various violations on file.

And now — several years after the initial repair work? According to newly issued work permits, there are plans to "partially demolish the building." In January, there was a permit — since withdrawn — to demolish the building's "second, third and roof floors." 

Public records list the landlord as Abraham Benelyahou of Fairfax Management Corp. In 2014, the Daily News referred to him as "Manhattan's worst landlord."

[Via Google in 2010]


Anonymous said...

I miss Maria's Cafe on the corner of 3rd and C - they had amazing empenadas. I think the pastellito cart thats outside the supermarket is run by the same family.

Anonymous said...

More scaffolding going up everywhere - its a nightmare

Charles said...

Fantastic news!!! Thank you! It's been a nightmare for us living next to this monstrosity.