Monday, March 22, 2021

Hate crime assault of Asian woman reported on Astor Place

Updated 3/23: An arrest was made

The NYPD's Hate Crimes Task Force is searching for a suspect they say assaulted an Asian woman yesterday morning on Astor Place while she was walking to a demonstration against anti-Asian violence. 

The NYPD released the above video this morning showing the suspect...
Here is part of Gothamist's report:
The latest incident in a surge of attacks on Asian New Yorkers occurred at Astor Place, after an unidentified man approached the woman, asked for her protest sign, then stomped on it, according to police. When she asked why he did that, the man allegedly punched her in the face twice, then fled into a nearby subway station. 
The 37-year-old victim suffered a cuts and bruising to her lip, and a sprained ankle while trying to chase the assailant. 
Rita Chan, an East Village resident who saw the aftermath of the confrontation, said the attack happened in full view of the woman's young daughter. "You could see she was just numb. At one point, a woman approached her and gave her a cookie," Chan told Gothamist. "As soon she saw her mom being put on the gurney, that’s when she started crying. It was heartbreaking." 


Anonymous said...

FUCKING HELL. Can we put up reward money? poor kid

Anonymous said...

I saw a video of this guy waiting for the train, but this still image of him with the mask off is even better. Someone is going to recognize him. I am sorry what happened to that woman. I wish I had been there to help her. I hope she knows people love and support her.

Giovanni said...

I hope the sick bastard enjoys Rikers Island, but based on his reported deranged behavior he probably gets a free trip to Bellevue first for observation. Now that his face is on every local TV news report he should find out what those places look and feel like very soon. I hope the brave victim who stood up to him in front of her young daughter recovers quickly, both physically and emotionally.

The good news is that the Stop Asian Hate rallies that started Friday and grew in size through the weekend were full of positive energy. There was the kind of unity between Asian (or as one sign read, "Gaysian"), BLM, Gay an Women’s Rights groups I have never seen before. Speakers even addressed the divisions that have existed between Black and Asian communities and agreed it was time to come together. If nothing else happens that will be a big step forward.

Chuck Schumer, Andrew Yang and many New York politicians were out in support at the big rallies, and although DeBlasio got heckled at Union Square, it is rare for civil right protesters to receive so much support this quickly from the Federal, State and City levels. Of course, none of those politicians were Republican, all were Democrats. That’s probably because the right wing narrative is that the massacre in Atlanta of six Asian women, and seven women in total, at three Asian owned businesses, was somehow not a hate crime. As the Sheriff in Georgia said, the shooter was probably just having a bad day. Many speakers at the rallies made addresses this issue, saying that most people don't kill each other when they are having a bad day.

Sarah said...

Christ, what an asshole. Love to the family. I hope you get over your trauma soon.

Anonymous said...

@Giovanni just a heads up that is misinformation. The 'having a bad day' was sherrif quoting the shooter. this has been widely debunked.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad :(