Wednesday, March 17, 2021

[Updated] Reopenings: Ladybird, Lucy's, Phebe's; Josie's, Mona's and Sophie's return on Friday

This is an update to a post that we first published on March 7.

Several more bars-restaurants have reopened after a winter break ... several of the places closed in December when Gov. Cuomo ended indoor dining (at 25 percent) on Dec. 13. Indoor capacity will move to 50 percent on Friday.

The recent reopenings include: 

The Ainsworth, 64 Third Ave. 

Avant Garden, 130 E. Seventh St. 

Barcade, 6 St. Mark's Place

Cherry Tavern,  441 E. Sixth St.

Empellón Al Pastor, 132 St. Mark's Place at Avenue A 

Huertas, 107 First Ave.

KGB Bar,  85 E. Fourth St.

Ladybird, 111 E. Seventh St.

Lucky, 168 Avenue B

Lucy's, 135 Avenue A (photo of Lucy below by Lola Saénz)
Mary O's, 32 Avenue A (open for a traditional St. Patrick's Day feast)

The Penny Farthing, 103 Third Ave.

Phebe's, 361 Bowery at Fourth Street

• Proletariat, 102 St. Mark's Place

Ruffian, 125 E. Seventh St.

San Marzano, 117 Second Ave.

• Saramsam, 111 E. Seventh St. 

• Superiority Burger, 430 E. Ninth St.

• Tarallucci e Vino, 163 First Ave.

Tile Bar, 115 First Ave.

... and upcoming: 

• Indochine, 430 Lafayette — March 30

Josie's, 520 E. Sixth St. — March 19

Kindred, 642 E. Sixth St. — April 7

Mister Paradise,  105 First Ave. — March 18

Mona's, 224 Avenue B — March 19

Sophies, 507 E. Fifth St. — March 19

Van Da, 234 E. Fourth St. — April 1

... and San Loco just debuted new socially distant outdoor seating over at 111 Avenue C at Seventh Street...


Choresh Wald said...

Lucky’s outdoor structure looks great and so happy to hear Mona’s coming back!
San Loco’s seating area is another prime example of fulfilling the potential of a street space allocation from free car storage to people’s space.

Neighbor said...

More great news! Lots of nice and more permanent outdoor structures being built too. Our neighborhood will be back go its pre-pandemic energy before we know it.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! Glad to see some places surviving and reopening.

Anonymous said...

Just in regards to the outdoor structure commentary. Glad the businesses are allowed to have it to survive the current economic issues... but framing these structures as beneficial to removing cars from the streets is a far cry solution at best. Furthermore, handing over that space to businesses to put outdoor dining space doesn't solve the main pedestrian spacial concerns of removing cars from the streets. It creates less space in fact because you could always easily move the cars.