Sunday, March 28, 2021

Week in Grieview

Posts this past week included (with a photo by Derek Berg from Friday on Sixth Street)...

• Donations for Ryo, who returned home after a months-long hospitalization to find an empty apartment with new locks (Thursday)

• A walk around inside the long-abandoned — and ghoulishly beautiful — P.S. 64 (Thursday

• Hate crime arrest made in assault of Asian woman on Astor Place (Tuesday

• A visit to First Avenue Laundry Center (Tuesday

• The shirtwaist dress on the Bowery (Wednesday

• On the runway along Avenue B (Tuesday

• More scaffolding — and now demolition — for this troubled Avenue C corner (Friday

• Van Da to treat NYC's 'Warrior Women' to dinner on its 1st night back (Friday

• This week's NY See finds a lovingly cradled bottle of wine (Thursday

• Gallery Watch heads to Canada (Wednesday

• Report: Hate crime investigation on Allen Street as 66-year-old Asian man assaulted (Sunday

• Bagel Boss to preside in storefronts on 14th Street, East Houston (Monday

• There's now a sidewalk bridge outside Cafe Himalaya (Tuesday

• The disappearing pay phones along Avenue A (Wednesday

• 2 break-ins on 7th Street (Friday

• This new map will immerse you in the neighborhood's Greek Revival style (Friday

• Planet Taco now orbiting 2nd Avenue (Monday

• With lease up, Squish Marshmallows will look for a new home (Monday

... and someone decided to toss a rock through an Avenue A-side window at Union Market last night ...
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Jill W said...

Amazing photo Derek Berg!

derek berg said...

Jill W, thanks so much.