Saturday, March 27, 2021

March 26

Given yesterday's record-breaking temperatures for the date... perhaps someone thought it was time to discard their Christmas tree a mere three months from the big day. 

EVG reader 8E shared the above pic from last night on Astor Place and Broadway. 

In this era of disinformation, deep fakes and alternate trees, 8E did attempt to verify the date of the find, though could only secure a paper from March 25.


Anonymous said...

We're about to discard our tree today, you are all invited to look for it by C & 11th.

anonymous said...

WHAT???? It’s only March!!!

Anonymous said...

Can we have a quick decision by the rules committee? Back in the day these required "Documentation via Periodical (DvP) albeit sometimes with a newspaper a few days old. Over the past several years it does seem as though this particular rule is applied, how shall we say, somewhat haphazardly. Appreciate consideration from management.