Friday, September 10, 2010

An egg cream eggtravaganza

[Via Vanishing New York]

Edible Manhattan's new issue has an entertaining piece on egg creams.... which delves into the secrecy of making these frothy concoctions ... all the East Village egg cream players are interviewed... and only one will tell you how he or she creates an egg cream: Ray!

Alvarez, to his credit, will show you how he makes his egg creams. His transparency is unusual. Most merchants famous for selling this mythical New York elixir are like Anistratov. They put on the Sphinx face when you bring up the drink, keeping mum on how they make them and sometimes even refusing to tell you their own name.

(Thanks to Melanie for first bringing this to our attention!)

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Anonymous said...

Are they serious ? A 4 year old who grew up on the LES could make a perfect egg cream.

blue glass said...

ubet chocolate syrup, dash of cold milk, fresh seltzer (not bottled except with syphon)
tall spoon
put in milk and ubet
mix with tall spoon
put spoon at an angle and squirt seltzer onto spoon
mix again
top off

EV Grieve said...

No, you just divulged the secret! Must erase!


Jill said...

When they had carts selling egg creams on the street you would get a pretzel stick with your egg cream. That seems to have gone the way of those dry chinese noodle snacks that used to be on every table at every chinese restaurant, along with a little dish of orange duck sauce and hot mustard.